White Clover Consulting Services Inc.

About White Clover

White Clover is a water treatment service and consulting company providing expertise throughout southern California.  We have been established in the industrial water treatment profession since 1990.  We carry a full line of state of the art water treatment formulations and support equipment.  Our technical and sales support staff is located in the San Fernando Valley.

White Clover offers services on both industrial and commercial facility equipment.  Our principle focus is providing water treatment expertise, support service, and treatment programs as well as automation controls on boilers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, waste-water, thermal energy storage (TES) and refrigeration systems.

White Clover performs both on-site and in-house laboratory analyses.  The primary responsibility of analysis is to ascertain the condition of the water and its detrimental effects if any, on the systems in question.  Based on this analysis corrective action is taken.  In addition, we provide calibration and probe cleaning service on your systems automation control equipment.  We provide quality products, feed control equipment and their corresponding parts.  All is provided with your convenience in mind.